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Hummingbird Season
A flash of harmless lightning, a mist of rainbow dyes, the burnished sunbeams brightening, from flower to flower he flies. ~John Tabb

Take your store tour today!

Let us show you around! 

Whether you are a homeowners' association or gardening club, we have a tour for you!  Learn about which trees, shrubs, and seasonal color plants are best suited for common areas, pools, pavilions, and everyone's yard.

Your tour can be customized to focus on specific subjects of interest to you (i.e. fragrance gardening, shade management, organic practices, native plants, best roses for hedges). 

Participants get a goodie bag containing a fertilizer sample, information sheets and a 10% off coupon.

Call Mary Cummings today at 281-440-5161 to arrange your tour!
May Gardening Tips
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